Our Team

Katie Davis, Principal Investigator

The Information School |  University of Washington | Website | Email

Katie Davis is an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington Information School and a founding member of the UW Digital Youth Lab. Her research explores the role of new media technologies in young people’s personal, social, and academic lives, with a particular focus on the intersection between technology and identity development during adolescence and emerging adulthood. Katie is the co-author with Howard Gardner of The App Generation: How Today’s Youth Navigate Identity, Intimacy, and Imagination in a Digital World (2013, Yale University Press). She holds two master’s degrees and a doctorate in Human Development and Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Joshua Lawler, Co-Principal Investigator

School of Environmental and Forest Sciences | University of Washington | Website | Email

Josh Lawler is an ecologist driven by applied conservation questions and their real-world applications, with climate change at the root. In particular, he is interested in how climate change can drive shifts in plant and animal distributions, and the impacts those shifts have at both the species and the ecosystem level. He uses a combination of field experiments and statistical and simulation modeling techniques, and works with collaborators to design tools that conservation planners can use to assess the impacts that climate change will have on protected landscapes. Additionally, he studies how climate change affects not only animals and plants, but also people, in this case through the loss of ecosystem services such as carbon storage, as well as the ways that human health, climate, and environment are connected. Lawler holds the Denman Endowed Professorship in Sustainable Resource Sciences and is the Co-Director of the Center for Creative Conservation.

Saba Kawas, Research Assistant and Lead Product Designer 

The Information School |  University of Washington | Website | Email

Saba Kawas is a PhD Candidate at the University of Washington Information School. She holds two master’s degrees, one from The University of Washington’s College of Engineering and the other from North Carolina State University’s College of Design. Saba has done Human Computer Interaction (HCI) research with Microsoft Research and Seattle Children’s Hospital, served on the faculty at the University of Jordan’s College of Arts and Design and worked with nonprofit organizations to engage local youth communities in cultural and educational activities. Her research interests span HCI design methods, Interaction Design and Children, computing and accessible technologies.

Sarah Chase, Research Assistant

School of Environmental and Forest Sciences | University of Washington | Email

Sarah Chase is a doctoral student at the University of Washington School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. She holds a master’s degree in geography from San Diego State University, where her research focused on environmental attitudes and behaviors of natural resource monitoring volunteers.  Before returning to graduate school, she worked for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on water quality management, as well as for an environmental nonprofit in Missouri.  Her current research focuses on how experiences in nature shape attitudes and behaviors, including connectedness to nature and commitment to pro-environmental behaviors.

Our Partners

Leapfrog, Development Partner

Leapfrog is a company founded in 2010 that works with clients to imagine and build software that people love to use. Leapfrog prides itself in its craftsmanship and commitment to making customers happy. Leapfrog helps organizations execute their digital vision, more about their work can be found here.

KidsTeam UW

KidsTeam UW, a program led by the University of Washington Information School’s Jason Yip, works to co-design products with kids ages 7-13. KidsTeam UW helps kids develop as skilled testers and involves them in the design process, a method known as Cooperative Inquiry. Learn more about them here.

Alex Bonin, App Graphic Illustrator  Website| Email

Alex Bonin is an artist and digital design professional. His portfolio reaches from animation to web development and marketing. He studied graphic design at the College of Design at North Carolina State University, and his professional experience includes 8 years of agency work, followed by a career as an independent contractor beginning in 2015. He illustrated the custom graphics (character and badges) used in the NatureCollections app.